SafeFish has direct involvement (through representation, input and general liaison) into a number of seafood advisory committees and platforms which helps to communicate outputs and drive issue resolution.

The Australian Shellfish Quality Assurance Advisory Committee (ASQAAC)

The Australian Shellfish Quality Assurance Advisory Committee (ASQAAC) is made up of an industry and regulator representative from each of the shellfish growing states, the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Export Branch, and Food Standards Australia New Zealand. They are also responsible for maintaining the Australian Shellfish Quality Assurance Program Operations Manual. The ASQAAC chair holds a position on the SafeFish partners panel and facilitates input between the two bodies. Find the Australian Shellfish Quality Assurance Program Operations Manual here.

The National Residue Survey (NRS)

The National Residue Survey (NRS) is a vital part of the Australian system for managing the risk of chemical residues and environmental contaminants in Australian animal and plant products. The NRS supports Australia’s primary producers and agricultural industries by confirming Australia’s status as a producer of clean food and facilitating access to domestic and export markets. The core work of the NRS is to facilitate the testing of animal and plant products for pesticide and veterinary medicine residues, and environmental contaminants. Product testing is done through either random or specifically designed sampling protocols. Other programs within the NRS, such as laboratory evaluation and business activities, support the core work of residue testing. NRS programs encourage good agricultural practices, help to identify potential problems and indicate where follow-up action is needed. The NRS provides SafeFish with technical advice on an ad-hoc basis. For more information about the NRS, please click here.

For the most recent NRS Fish Program results, please click here.

Seafood Exporters Consultative Committee (SECC)

The Seafood Export Consultative Committee (SECC) is the principal consultative forum for the Australian Government Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry to consult with the seafood industry on technical and administrative matters in relation to the export of fish and fish products. SECC provides a forum for formal consultation between the department and the export seafood industry on matters such as export fees and changes, market access priorities and technical market access issues. SafeFish has completed a number of research outputs for the SECC and work collaboratively with its members on an ad-hoc basis.

For more information about the SECC, please click here.

Seafood Trade Advisory Group (STAG)

The Seafood Trade Advisory Group has been formed to investigate and address the complex trade and market access issues facing the Australian wild abalone and rock lobster industries and to support intergovernmental negotiations concerning the export of these premium seafood products. The group consists of industry professionals and consultants with specialised expertise and an understanding of international trade policy instruments currently applied to the lobster and abalone sectors. The main objectives of the STAG are as follows:

  1. To work with the Australian and Chinese Governments to facilitate, support and expand the legitimate direct trade platform for the Australian wild abalone and rock lobster into China
  2. To work with the Australian and Chinese Governments towards full liberalisation of the trade between the two countries
  3. To partner with the Australian Government on specific issues of concern for the wild abalone and rock lobster trade with China

SafeFish and the STAG have a very collaborative relationship and share information and technical advice back and forth depending on the issue at hand.

For more information about the STAG, please click here.

Seafood Industry Australia

Seafood Industry Australia (SIA) is the national peak body which represents the Australian seafood industry as a whole, including members from wild catch, aquaculture and post-harvest sectors.

As the voice of Australian seafood, SIA provides consumers, Government and other stakeholders with confident and united representation. Our unity indicates that we all love what we do, we stand by our products and that those products are the best in the world.

SIA provides services identified through a process involving member input to fill a critical gap that currently exists, to have more influence on Government decisions, to act as a national industry voice, to be a marketing and communications hub, and to remove obstacles to growth standing in the way of the Australian seafood industry.

Our vision is for the Australian seafood industry to be United, Effective and Respected. Our mission is to Promote, Protect and Develop the Australian seafood industry on the national and international level.

For more information about SIA, please click here.