SafeFish, provides technical advice to support Australia’s seafood trade and market access negotiations and helps to resolve barriers to trade. It does this by bringing together experts in food safety and hygiene to work with the industry and regulators to agree and prioritise technical issues impacting on free and fair market access for Australian seafood.

SafeFish has a record of success in reopening markets and in responding quickly when issues arise. By involving all relevant parties in discussions and, where necessary, commissioning additional research to fill any knowledge gaps, an agreed Australian position is reached that is technically sound and defensible. This robust process builds knowledge and relationships, and results in better outcomes for industry in maintaining fair market access and ensuring that the seafood they sell is safe.

SafeFish is governed by a Charter of Operations, that has been developed by the SafeFish partners to detail how the program operates (defining the terms of reference and processes required to be undertaken within the different bodies that make it up), details the reporting and chain of command arrangements, demonstrates how the program provides value to its stakeholder (including outlining its strategic objectives and plan), defines the stakeholder relationships that are developed and maintains and outlines the communication strategy that SafeFish operates within. To access the Charter of Operations, please click here.

A Strategy and Performance Plan has also been developed to monitor, evaluate and report on key activities and outcomes that SafeFish delivers to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our key stakeholders. To access the Strategy and Performance Plan, please click here.

SafeFish is primarily funded by the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) public goods pool which represents all seafood commodities, however it also receives direct contributions from the Abalone Council Australia Ltd., Australian Abalone Growers Association, Australian Council of Prawn Fisheries, Australian Prawn Farmers Association, Australian Mussel Industry Australia, Oysters Australia, the Pearl Consortium, Southern Rocklobster Ltd, Southern Ocean Fisheries, Sydney Fish Markets, the Tasmanian Salmonid Growers Association, and Western Rock Lobster.

What we do

SafeFish provides technical advice to support the resolution of issues and challenges relating to the export, import and domestic trade of Australian seafood products. It undertakes the following key functions:

  1. The provision of technical information and advice to support emergency incident response management.
  2. Identification and facilitation of research into emerging market access issues.
  3. The development of technical advice for trade negotiations to assist in the resolution of market access and food safety issues.
  4. The development of technical briefs on high priority Codex issues.
  5. Facilitation of technical attendance at high priority Codex meetings and specific working groups.
  6. Building technical capability in seafood sector.


SafeFish is a partnership of experts that assists to resolve technical trade impediments, especially in relation to food safety and market access in seafood.

The purpose of SafeFish is to:

  • Provide technical expertise to enable rapid response to sustain free and fair access to key markets.
  • Underpin the safety and integrity of seafood sold commercially.