SafeFish has participated in a number of different projects aimed to assess health risks associated with seafood consumption. Below you can find links to these reports grouped by species:

Seafood Safety Brochure

The Seafood Safety Brochure contains a collection of informative fact sheets for a number of food safety hazards that may affect seafood in Australia. These sheets include a short summary on the hazard, its prevalence of outbreaks in Australia, the dose required to cause illness, the symptoms associated with illness, inactivation and prevention strategies, detection methods and the Australian regulatory requirements for these hazards. The hazards included in this brochure are as follows:

General Seafood Reports

Parasites in Australian Seafood

In 2012, SafeFish facilitated a risk assessment to identify the prevalence of parasites in Australian Seafood (see report below). In 2015, the following article based on the findings of this report was also written and published in the June edition of the Food Australia magazine 

Other General Seafood Reports

Marine Biotoxins

 Rock Lobsters


Seafood CRC project 2009/787 Prawn Market Access Defenders was conducted by SafeFish via SARDI, with the assistance of additional research agencies. It had three main objectives, to investigate the importance of vibrio bacteria in wild caught Australian prawns; to investigate the levels of Cadmium and Selenium in wild caught prawns using analytical techniques acceptable to international regulatory authorities; to provide an overview of all health risks related to prawns.

To address all of the objectives of the project the following four reports have been produced:

  1. Assessment of methodologies for the enumeration of pathogenic Vibrio species in Australian prawns
  2. 2012-13 Survey of Australian wild-caught prawns for analysis of cadmium and selenium
  3. Food safety risks associated with prawns consumed in Australia
  4. Risk assessment of cadmium in Australian wild-caught prawn muscle tissue



On occasion, SafeFish can provide sponsorship funding for researchers and/or technical representatives to attend meetings, workshops or training events that are of particular interest to the work that SafeFish undertakes or represents. Below are some recent examples:

UNESCO/IOC Taxonomic Training in Identification & Enumeration of Harmful Algae

In August 2014, SafeFish provided part-funding for Dr. Ruth Erikson (IMAS) to attend and report back on a training session on ‘Taxonomic Identification & Enumeration of Harmful Algae’ held in Denmark at the UNESCO/International Oceanographic Commission (IOC) Science and Communication Centre on Harmful Algae.

International Workshop on Shellfish Harvest Area Classification

The 42nd International workshop on shellfish harvest area classification was held in Newport, USA, on the 24th to the 28th September 2012. SafeFish provided funding to support the attendance of Mr. Anthony Zammit – Manager, NSW Food Authority Shellfish Program as a technical expert.