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The following question and answer packages have been developed to provide information to help the Seafood Industry answer questions on the recent Hepatitis A Virus and Scombroid fish poisoning food safety issues.  The recent Hepatitis A Virus contamination of berries is a timely reminder that food safety needs to be front of mind, especially as many sources of seafood are now consumed raw.

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Penultimate draft discussion paper on methylmercury in fish (8th Session CCCF)

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  1. Histamine (Scombroid poisoning) hazard fact sheet
  2. Joint FAO/WHO expert meeting on the public health risks of Histamine and other Biogenic Amines from fish and fishery products
  3. Ciguatera fish poisoning hazard fact sheet


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FRDC Fish Magazine

Volume 23, Number 1 – March 2014 

Volume 21, Number 2 – June 2013

 ASCRC Seafood Magazine

 Issue 11 – March 2015

Issue 10 – October 2014

Issue 9 – July 2014

Issue 7 – September 2013

Issue 6 – April 2013

 Issue 5 – October 2012

Issue 4 – May 2012

Issue 3 – February 2012

Issue 1 – June 2011

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SafeFish/FRDC Media Release – Safety of Australian Mussels & Shellfish

A recent case of three people becoming ill in Tasmania following recreational harvest of shellfish, is a clear message to the public of the dangers of algal blooms and the need to follow health department warnings of marine closures. Consumers of commercially available mussels and shellfish can have confidence that these products however, are safe to eat as this production is routinely monitored to maintain safe supply of mussels and shellfish on the market.

To view this media release, please click here.

 SafeFish Business Model Review

In August 2014, SafeFish engaged an independant contractor to undertake a review of the project as a whole to evaluate the execution, operation, successes and value of the program and to identify potential business models for the future. Once finalised, the report was used to gauge industry interest in the continuation of SafeFish as a legacy project post the cessation of the Australian Seafood CRC. The report informed a successful bid to the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) and enabled funding to be received from a variety of industry organisations for continuation of the project under the FRDC from 2015 onwards.

To view this report, please click here.

Farewell to the Australian Seafood Cooperative Research Centre

It is with a heavy heart that we have to say goodbye to the Australian Seafood Cooperative Research Centre (ASCRC) on June 30th 2015. After eight years of operation, this successful venture will be wrapping up. SafeFish would like to thank the ASCRC for all its support and guidance over the last five years, and wish all of the staff the very best for their future endeavours. Below is a video prepared by the ASCRC that demonstrates all of the work, partners/stakeholders that have been involved and the long list of successes and achievements that they have had.

Final SafeFish Report to the Australian Seafood CRC

To meet our reporting obligations under the ASCRC contract, SafeFish provided a final report on all of the achievements, outcomes and outputs that have been developed in the project since its inception in 2010. To view this report, please click here.