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The following question and answer packages have been developed to provide information to help the Seafood Industry answer questions on the recent Hepatitis A Virus and Scombroid fish poisoning food safety issues.  The recent Hepatitis A Virus contamination of berries is a timely reminder that food safety needs to be front of mind, especially as many sources of seafood are now consumed raw.

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Supporting Documentation:

  1. Histamine (Scombroid poisoning) hazard fact sheet
  2. Joint FAO/WHO expert meeting on the public health risks of Histamine and other Biogenic Amines from fish and fishery products
  3. Ciguatera fish poisoning hazard fact sheet

 SafeFish Magazine Articles

FRDC Fish Magazine

Volume 23, Number 1 – March 2014 

Volume 21, Number 2 – June 2013

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